About Us

The Village Brew Coffee House serves our community delicious coffee with a generous helping of hope, purpose, and friendship in every cup. We serve baked goods and other products made by talented local artisans. We love coffee and we love connecting with our community in meaningful ways. We believe our customers and our community deserve our very best. Our best is reflected in our products and by our service to inspire connections in an uplifting, supportive, small town atmosphere. Whether you come to the Village Brew to engage in conversations among friends or to enjoy quiet contemplation, every experience is meaningful.

Meet Our Owner


Every time I travel for work or pleasure, I set out to find the local independent coffee house.  I love the experience of enjoying a good pour over or a fantastically flavored espresso-based drink in a cool location, usually in the middle of a downtown in an old, restored building.  Independent coffee houses have a way of awakening a community in the same way my own senses are awakened during that first sip.

The Village Brew Coffee House is the product of my personal longing to bring this experience to my hometown, to serve great coffee to a community who deserves the very best.  I’ve gone to many cities and towns across the US and thought to myself, “we can do this in Piketon.” And we are.

Putting The Village Brew Coffee House inside the former Piketon Elementary School on Second Street, now known as “The Square at Piketon”, made perfect sense to me because so many coffee houses I had visited were operating inside super cool spaces just like this.  Our hope is that our friends and neighbors will gather together over coffee to enjoy one another, look through the nostalgic oversized windows, and fall in love with our community; that visitors find us and become inspired to do something special in their own communities.

Bringing something unique to the community doesn’t end with coffee.  At The Village Brew Coffee House, we provide opportunties for youth entrepreneurs to launch small businesses, a platform for talented local artisans to sell their creations, and a place for socially conscious enterprises, community groups, nonprofits, and local charities to grow.

At The Village Brew Coffee House, we love coffee and we love our community. It is an honor to serve you.


Jennifer Chandler, owner